Worship and Faith

Worship of God is the heartbeat of our life at St Augustine’s.  All of our services here are family friendly and we offer different styles of worship.

We try to make worship accessible to everyone – we have a hearing aid loop and sound system so that everyone can hear what’s going on, and large print orders of service for those who have difficulty reading small-print.  Some of our services use the screen, and are more informal.

Find out more about regular services at St Augustine’s:

Worship for young people

There is always provision for children at the back of the church during our main Sunday Service.  This means that the children are still part of our worship, and they are often asked at the end of the service what they have been doing.  Children are welcome to join in the service, and are always welcome here.

We hold Messy Church once a month on the third Saturday at 11am.

Safeguarding is very important and we take it seriously.  Please read more about this by clicking here.

Music during worship

Music has always been an important during our worship, and in the past there was a strong musical tradition here with a choir often numbering fifty or more.  We no longer have a choir, but we sing hymns during our Sunday and special services which are accompanied by our fine organ.  We sometimes use ‘backing tracks’ or the piano.

Prayers for the Parish

At every service we pray for the church, the world, the community, for those in need and for those who have died.  Throughout the year we pray for everyone in our parish by naming different streets and school classes each day. More details can be found by clicking here.