Flag Flying Days

We fly different flags throughout the year on the flagpole in the church garden to celebrate national occasions, church festivals and saints days.  A gallery of the flags flown can be found below, along with a list of flag flying days.

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The flag which is flown is shown next to each date.



Flag Flying Days for 2024:

1st January – New Year’s Day – Diocesan
9th January – Princess of Wales Birthday – Union
7th January – Epiphany (6th January) – Diocesan
28th January – Presentation of Christ in the temple / Candlemas (transferred from 2nd February) – Diocesan
1st March – St David’s Day – St David’s Cross
17th March – St Patrick’s Day – St Patrick’s Cross
31st March – Easter Sunday – Diocesan
8th April – Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (transferred from March 25th)– Diocesan
23rd April – Prince Louis’ Birthday / St George’s Day – St George’s Cross
2nd May – Princess Charlotte’s Birthday – Union
6th May – Coronation of King Charles III – Union
9th May – Ascension Day – Diocesan
19th May – Pentecost – Diocesan
26th May – Trinity Sunday– Diocesan
21st June – Prince of Wales Birthday – Union
24th June – Armed Forces Day – Armed Forces Day flag
17th July – Queen Consort’s Birthday – Union
22nd July – Prince George’s Birthday – Union
8th September – Accession Day – Union Flag
3rd November – All Saints Day – Diocesan
10th November – Remembrance Sunday – Union Flag
11th November – Armistice Day – Union Flag
14th November – HM the King’s Birthday – Union Flag
24th November – Christ the King – Diocesan
30th November – St Andrew’s Day – St Andrew’s Cross
1st December – Advent Sunday – Diocesan
24th December – Christmas Eve – Diocesan
25th December – Christmas Day (until 11am) – Diocesan