We are pleased to publish details of Rodbourne Rocks – encouraging the community to explore the area and have fun looking for decorated rocks around Rodbourne! There may be some church themed rocks appearing soon!!

Don’t forget to post photos to the Facebook page:


Rodbourne Rocks ~ Swindon is a simple idea to encourage the community to get outside with family, friends or just on your own. Be creative with your designs – Go Wild – most of all, HAVE FUN!

This page has been inspired by Okaloosa Rocks, they dropped a Rock off in Fairford and from there Fairford Rocks was born, Fairford Town has come together and most importantly, have witnessed the children of Fairford, jump out of bed in the mornings to go find more rocks. (If you are stuck for ideas have a look on their pages, they have some great ideas). And now we have followed the ideas of Highworth Rocks & Lawn Rocks also to build a great community spirit of the young and old of the Rodbourne Rocks area.

So how does it work I hear you ask.??????

To Get Started

Take a stroll around Rodbourne and should you find a rock please photograph it and post to the Facebook page Rodbourne Rocks ~Swindon You may now keep this rock or re-hide it for someone else to find. Going somewhere nice on holiday? Why not take your rock and leave it for someone there to find? Just how far can Rodbourne Rocks travel?

* Find your Rock (pebble/stone) – if you cannot find any of these Garden Centres are a great place to look to purchase them fairly cheaply.

* Use paint (acrylic works great), Sharpies, crayons, stickers, beads, sequins, glitter, crystals, nail polish – pretty much anything goes.

*DON’T forget to write this message on the back ‘Post a photo on Facebook #Rodbourne Rocks ~ Swindon. Keep Me or re-hide Me’,

* Weatherproof your rock so it does not get ruined by the elements. We coat them with a layer or two of PVA or mod podge. It’s a lot cheaper than varnish and more child friendly to use.

* Now the fresh air bit…….. Go for a walk, find somewhere great to hide your Rock, then wait and hope a photo pops up on here. These rocks will be picked up by small children – PLEASE ensure they are not placed where dogs/animals may go to toilet.

Voila – You’ve added to this lovely community activity.

NEVER go onto private property or leave rocks in businesses. Any inappropriate posts will be removed. This is meant to be FUN and is designed to be enjoyed by everyone. Do not take rocks from private property to decorate. Lets keep this real fun for everyone and help create some magical memories.

GOOD LUCK – We cannot wait to see the Rodbourne Rocks Community start rocking and get everyone’s creative juices flowing.

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