We are delighted to announce that Rev Joel Sales, Lead Minister of the Pattern Church Swindon, has in addition, accepted the role of SSM Priest in Charge of the Parish of St Augustine, Even Swindon.

This is an oversight role for Joel and he will with his team deliver continuity and new hope to St Augustine’s.  As he continues his work at the newly launched Pattern Church, which sits within the Parish of St Augustine, we hold Joel, his wife Cath and their family in our prayers.

Joel’s licensing as our priest in charge will follow in due course and he will take up his role here in 2019.

Until then, Revd Phil Ashby will continue as Deanery Interim Minister and will continue to look after us as he has ably done so far, and for which we are thankful.

We look forward to welcoming Joel and his team to St Augustine’s, and pray for them as we work together in building the Kingdom of God here in Even Swindon.

The Churchwardens of St Augustine’s, Revd Clive Deverell, Swindon Area Dean and the Venerable Michael Johnson, Archdeacon of Bristol.