The Church Bell Appeal

The church bell

The Church Bell has now been refurbished

The bell is back in action after refurbishment following the clapper staple bolt snapped in September.  It was rededicated by Revd Harvey Gibbons at our Sung Eucharist on Sunday 16th June.  As it was blessed, the children present rang the bell for a couple of minutes – it sounds much better than it did in September!

More information on the bell, and some photographs of the refurbishment can be found by clicking here.

Thank you to all those who donated money to help get the bell repaired and to the following for their help and guidance in getting it working again:

David Thorpe for his help and advice.

Malcolm Barnes for assisting with putting the clapper back in.

Whitechapel Bell Foundry for making the new staple bolt.

SAS Scaffolding.

And a big thank you to those from the church who climbed the scaffolding to repaint the metal work around the bell.